Make A Pledge

Are you interested in making a pledge as an Individual or Business to My New Jersey Big Year?  How about a donation?

I am a New Jersey Audubon member, citizen scientist, and avid birder. During 2013, I plan to complete a New Jersey Big Year, an effort to search out and identify as many bird species as I can find in a single year in our magnificent Garden State.

My goal is to identify 300 different species and I hope to raise $10,000 for NJA Citizen Science program.

I am donating my time and expenses as part of this effort, so 100% of your tax deductible donation will directly support Citizen Science research in New Jersey.

For businesses, a clickable link to your website will be listed on this website. Business pledges will be listed in the order of their contribution level.

Thank you!


4 thoughts on “Make A Pledge

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