GregDear Fellow Birders and Citizen Scientists,

Did you see the movie “The Big Year”?  Perhaps, like me, you saw a little something of yourself in those characters as they jetted around the world chasing the perfect bird.

Have you ever thought about doing a big year?  Then maybe you’ll be interested in my plans!

I am a New Jersey Audubon member, citizen scientist, and avid birder.  During 2013, I plan to complete a New Jersey Big Year and search out as many bird species as I can find in our magnificent Garden State.

And through my Big Year activities, I hope to raise funds for the New Jersey Audubon’s Citizen Science program.   You can make a tax-deductible pledge here or a donation here.

This program has several goals, including:

  • foster environmental awareness among New Jersey’s citizens through active participation
  • protect New Jersey’s birds and other animals, especially endangered and threatened species through collection of data on bird distributions and abundance, population trends, migration patterns
  • promote habitat preservation by improving our knowledge of the ecology of New Jersey through the contributions of Citizen Scientists.

Since 2006, I have been active in the NJA Citizen Science program and participated in Grassland, Pinelands, Piedmont, and Nightjar surveys.  As a Citizen Scientist, I have developed a deep appreciation for the natural areas of New Jersey and benefited enormously from my association with other Citizen Scientist and the hardworking, dedicated staff of the New Jersey Audubon.

Won’t you come along with me as I listen for Ruffed Grouse at High Point or Chuck-will’s-widow in the Pine Barrens, or scan the hayfields of a Hunterdon County farm as a Citizen Scientist for Grasshopper Sparrow and Eastern Meadowlark?

I hope you will!

Good Birding!!


12 thoughts on “About

  1. Marc J. Chelemer

    So I’d like to know how you have 104 species in 8 days. Where have you gone? I’m not doing a Big Year, but for the first time ever, I’m keeping a NJ yearly list. I’d like to follow a NJ birder’s pathway to a Big List over time, so that if I do one myself, I’ll know what’s required.

    1. njbigyear Post author

      Hi Mark – the quick answer is two locations – Cape May and the North Shore complex of freshwater ponds and ocean views – both locations provided excellent birding. In my first week I also birded along the Delaware River, Palmyra Cove, the salt marshes of Cumberland County, and a small wildlife refuge near my office. Hope this helps!

  2. Sandra Keller

    A fellow birder conducting a big year in 2012 racked up 190 species just in January. It’s amazing what is out there now! He had to do that as he was going to be away a lot. Greg won’t have to do that – just try and see those winter only species! No misses! What did Tom Reed have in 2011? 362 in the state? I am fairly certain that is the modern record.

    1. njbigyear Post author

      Hey Sandra – I agree, it is amazing just how many bird species are out there even in January. I believe Tom Reed got 101 species on January 1st of his big year. Around 190 species were reported in the first 8 days of this year by Jerseybirders. Still, 300 species is a big number and lots of birding, and a luck, are ahead of me for 2013. I love it!


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