Big Year Birding – Cool Warbler Quick Finders & An Appeal


Lots and lots of stuff gets passed around on Facebook and, occasionally, something really cool will pop up on my timeline.   That’s what happened yesterday when a birding friend posted downloadable Quick Finder Guides from the Warbler Guide.   I’ve posted the Face guide above to give you an idea of the quality and usefulness of these guides.   Check them out!

Now the appeal!   As I am coming down the home stretch of My New Jersey Big Year, I once again ask that you consider making a pledge or donation to support New Jersey Audubon Citizen Science.

To everyone who has already made a pledge or donation – THANK YOU!!!

To everyone else – If you have been following my big year, you know that I’ve devoted time to talking about the importance of Citizen Science.  Citizen Science programs, like New Jersey Audubon’s, provide opportunities for people like you and me can make a huge contribution to information used in the management and protection of New Jersey’s critical habitats.

Every dollar helps – a pledge of only 10 cents per bird species would result in a donation of about $30 (I’ve seen 307 bird species thus far, with about 6 weeks to go).

Won’t you please make a donation now?

Thank you and until next time, Good Birding!



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