Big Year Birding – September Wrap-Up


September was a really busy month for me, but I managed some time out in the field and raised my count to 306 species.

The bulk of my birding was limited to the first couple weeks of the month.  I took advantage of the warm weather and spent of few days birding in South Jersey and Cape May.   There were plenty of great birds around, as early Fall migration was well underway.  I missed a few and got a few, and had a wonderful time.


I took some time off from birding to enjoy a whale watching trip with my wife.  We were thrilled by the sight of about 200 dolphins feeding a few miles off the coast at Cape May.   As a bonus, I also spied a Parasitic Jeager harrassing a group of gulls and terns.

My last bird of the month was an Eastern Screech Owl I heard giving its soft thrill from the woods near my home.   I don’t know if the same bird returns each year, but this is the 3rd or 4th year that I’ve heard an Eastern Screech Owl from my backyard.

There are 85 days left in My New Jersey Big Year and, with a little luck, I’ll add a few more species to my list.  Good numbers of sparrows are being reported and I still need a few of these “little brown jobs” for my list.

Until next time – Good Birding!



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