Big Year Birding – The Second Half Begins!


July 1, 2013 – The second half of My New Jersey Big Year begins today!

Sitting in a cold parking lot waiting for sunrise on January 1st, I would hardly have believed my count would be standing at 293 species on this date.

A bumper crop of rare birds (like this American Avocet) certainly helped, as did hundreds of hours spent in the field and thousands of miles driven from one location to the next around the state.

And I would rightly be called inconsiderate and unappreciative if I did not mention the small army of friends and fellow birders who have given me information on “good birds”, provided me with a place to stay or all-day transportation as we birded half-way around the state, given me words of encouragement or advice, or sent pledges or donations of support for my cause.

To all of you – THANK YOU!   It means more to me than you know to call you my friends and colleagues.

There’s still a lot of birding (or bird watching) left in 2013.   Let the second half begin!

Until next time, Good Birding.



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