Big Year Birding – Busy Season


The past few weeks have been extraordinarily productive and busy, busy, busy!

As I discussed in an earlier post, the New Jersey Audubon Citizen Science season is in full swing.  Since early May I have participated in grassland surveys of several farms, a wildlife management area in south Jersey, and Lakehurst Naval Base. 


I also participated with a small group of New Jersey Audubon citizen scientists in the annual  Nightjar survey.   My route followed sugar sand roads through the Pine Barrens of Camden County and produced Whip-poor-willsChuck-will’s-widow, and a couple owls. 


And, of course, May is the month of migration!   I added 45 species to my New Jersey Big Year bird list and, much more importantly, spent much of my birding time with great friends in some fantastic location throughout the state.  Soon, I’ll post a summary my progress through the end of May.

The migration is winding down and there are very few migrants still hanging around.  I had great success this year, but I missed a few bird species as they moved through New Jersey.  My New Jersey Big Year total stands at 292 species as we enter summer, historically a slow birding season.   I plan to spend the next few weeks completing my citizen science grassland surveys and chasing a few key species that can be really difficult to locate, such as  Black Rail

Until next time, Good Birding!



2 thoughts on “Big Year Birding – Busy Season

  1. Sandra Keller

    Good luck on the Black Rail! I am still debating when (and if) to head down for a try! Have to be sure the next day is free for sleep!


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