Big Year Birding – Migration!!


I blogged late last week about this year’s lack of a Spring Migration.  A stubborn weather system kept winds blowing from the east – pushing the flightpaths of migrating birds west of New Jersey.

The weather system finally gave ground late last week and the migration floodgates opened.  What a difference 24 hours can make!!   Suddenly migrating birds, like the Black-bellied Plover, Semipalmated Plover, and Dunlin shown in my photo, were pouring through our area.

Forests are now alive with the songs of migrating warblers, vireo, thrush, and orioles.    Beaches are teaming with gulls, plover, sandpipers, and dowitchers.

This weekend was, for me, one of the best birding periods I have ever experienced.   I’ve updated my bird list to reflect the additional 29 species I added over 5 days of birding.  My total now stands at 280!

Now comes the time for Citizen Science!!   During the coming weeks I, along with dozens of other citizen science volunteers, will be completing surveys of breeding birds on farmlands in Hunterdon County, in wildlife management areas of the Pine Barrens, and along roadways in South Jersey.

Won’t you please consider making a pledge of support for our efforts!   A pledge of 10 cents per bird would result in a donation of about $30, if I make my goal of 300 species during the remainder of this year.   Every dollar counts.  Please make a pledge today!

Until next time – good birding!




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