Big Year Birding – Spring Migration!

aaa20130426-IMG_1876 Spring migration is fully underway here in New Jersey. The ducks and geese of winter have given way to flocks of Snowy Egrets, like this one, and other wading birds in their beautiful breeding plumage.

I was a road warrior last weekend – birding in nearly 10 different great locations.  Over the course of three days I drove nearly 500 miles and spent over 25 hours birding.  I was rewarded through my efforts with over 30 new bird species, mostly shore birds and migrating wood warblers.

Glossy Ibis

One of my stops was a favorite birding spot that was severely impacted by Superstorm Sandy.   Known affectionately to birders as Brig, the Edwin Forsythe Wildlife Management Area  reopened to the public just in time for migration.   Like this Glossy Ibis, birders are flocking to the area to survey damaged ponds and marvel at the Herculean effort untaken by federal wildlife management staff as they recovered from the storm’s damage.

Caspian Tern

This pair of Caspian Terns are a sure sign that summer can’t be far away.   These large terns visit New Jersey in small numbers each year and a one or two can usually be found, like these two, at Brig.  I was thrilled to see them again.

I am planning a recap of April’s efforts a little later this week.  Until then, I am still processing photos and resting up for my next big three day weekend of bird.  Where should I go next?

Until next time…Good Birding!



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