Big Year Birding – Breaking 200!


I hit another Big Year milestone last week – I broke 200 species!

Remember those heady days of January, when every day seemed to bring a dozen new species for my bird list?    While there is little doubt that this Winter was outstanding for the number of rare birds hanging about, most of the 157 species I found during that first month were common birds – those birds which are here pretty much all year round.

As Winter continued to grind along, my species count slowed considerably.  Through considerable birding effort during February and March, I added another 30 species to my Bird List.   Yup, that’s right.  Two months – 30 species!


Now Spring has arrived and, with it, an influx of migrants headed north to their breeding grounds.  Even after taking a week off for a family vacation, I have found another 21 species since April 1st and the arrival of new bird species are announced daily on e-mail discussion lists and eBird alerts.

Today, my species count stands at 208 and I’m excited about birding several new locations during the coming weekend.  The next four or five weeks are important – the bulk of migrating birds will pass through New Jersey, pausing only briefly to rest and feed before continuing on their northward journeys.

What are we waiting for – let’s go birding!

Until next time – Good Birding,





4 thoughts on “Big Year Birding – Breaking 200!


    Hi Greg:

    Great job  but could you please name the birds in your photos.





    1. Greg Post author

      Carol…sorry about that! The small gray bird is a Blue-gray Gnatcatcher. The yellow bird with a rusty cap is a Palm Warbler! Thanks for reading my blog and I’ll do a better job labeling my birds!


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