Big Year Birding in Salem County


Whenever I get together with my birding friends for winter outings, it doesn’t take long before someone mentions Salem County.  Bordering on the Delaware River and Bay in the south-west corner of New Jersey, Salem County is a collection of quaint towns, large open farm fields, and freshwater wetlands that provide an incredible mix of birding opportunities.

Unfortunately, I have rarely traveled to or birded around Salem County.  That changed this weekend, though, with the announcement of a rare Eurasian visitor, a Tufted Duck in Parvin State Park.


I arrived just before daylight at Parvin SP and began my search.  Luckily, I encountered another birder who had driven all the way from Virginia to see this duck and she was on the phone with others who had it in their scopes.  According to some, this was the first reported occurrence in New Jersey of a Tufted Duck in almost 10 years – and it decided to show up during My New Jersey Big Year!  

I stayed for a while, chatting with the other birders (some had heard of my big year), and snapped several photos in the low light of early morning.  I was carrying along several guides which offered details for other Salem County birding locations.   In no hurry for the long drive back home, I decided to give a few of these other places a try.

I wasn’t disappointed!  But, more about that later this week.  Until then….

Good Birding,



3 thoughts on “Big Year Birding in Salem County

  1. Sandra Keller

    I can’t wait to hear about your Salem County experience! I love it down here. In the spring and summer, too!

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