Big Year Birding – New Jersey Audubon Needs Your Support

Northern Harrier

I recently attended a presentation by New Jersey Audubon President & CEO Eric Stiles about NJA’s recent reorganization.   To paraphrase Eric, New Jersey Audubon has two equally important missions – connecting people to birding and the natural world through their regional centers and helping to ensure the future of birding through conservation and research.

If you enjoy natural places and birding in New Jersey, there are things you can do to help New Jersey Audubon accomplish their vital mission.

If you have not already done so, please become a member or renew your membership.  As one of the oldest independent Audubon societies, New Jersey Audubon has no connection to National Audubon and relies heavily on member support.  Please consider becoming a member today!

If you have a few spare hours, consider becoming a NJA volunteer.  While New Jersey Audubon has an amazing and dedicated staff, they can’t possibly do everything themselves.  Volunteers are needed to accomplish a wide variety of important tasks and help keep New Jersey a great place for birders and birding.

Consider supporting New Jersey Audubon Research through donations, volunteering as a citizen scientist (like me), or making a pledge or donation in support of My New Jersey Big Year.  I am donating my time and expenses, so 100% of your tax-deductible donation or pledge goes to support the NJA Citizen Science Program.  Please consider making a pledge today.

New Jersey Audubon does so much for all of us through their programs, stewardship and conservation efforts, and birding events.  Please consider taking time now to give a little back!

Thank you and Good Birding!



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