Big Year Birding – Signs of Spring


This past weekend of birding has brought with it many signs that Spring is just around the corner!  Sunday morning we switched our clocks to Daylight Saving Time and I now have a bit more evening daylight by which to bird.  Other, less manmade and more important, signs began to emerge as well.  I was treated to the sights and sounds of these American Oystercatchers as they danced and vocalized on a Cape May beach.

Spring Peepers are beginning to sing. I love the sound of these little frogs singing away along the edges of ponds and swampy places.  It makes me feel that old man Winter is finally loosening his grip and warmer weather will soon arrive.

Perhaps the most exciting sign that Spring is near is an e-mail I received yesterday.  I got my notification that training sessions for the 2013 New Jersey Audubon Citizen Science surveys are being scheduled!

Are you interested in becoming a Citizen Scientist?  Follow the link to learn more about this amazing program.  Hope to see you at one of the training sessions!

Good Birding,





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