Big Year Birding with my Grandson


My grandson has developed a keen interest in nature.  While he enjoys the same TV programs as most other third grade kids, he’s also fascinated by nature programs of all kinds.  This past Saturday, I invited him to go along with me on a birding day.  Without hesitation, he said “YES”!


I opted for places where the birds would hang around for a while and not immediately fly away at the first sign of human presence.  He is still learning how to use binoculars and it takes him a few minutes to find and focus on the birds.


He took to this new experience, as my Dad used to say, like a fish to water.  We drove along the North Shore route, going from pond to pond looking for ducks, gulls, and other wintering birds.  After a while, he began to recognize common birds like Brant, Mallard, and American Black Ducks.

He’s a budding photographer as well.  Here are a couple of the photos he took on our first birding day:



We had a great time and I’m looking forward to my next big year birding day with my grandson!

Good Birding,



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