February Birding – Species Count at 162


My species count has slowed quite a bit during February.  That’s not really surprising though. Nearly every bird I saw during January was a first-of-the-year find and I had great success in chasing down some very rare birds.


While I was chasing down birds like this Rough-legged Hawk, I was also finding those common winter species, like chickadees and titmice.  There are still a few rarities around that I simply haven’t had time to chase, but they are fewer and widely scattered around the state.


So I have been putting more time into birding some of my familiar locations, like Colliers Mills and Assunpink Wildlife Management Areas.   And I have taken time to go out birding with my friends, taking a break from the hard-core chasing that dominated January.


Now my species count stands at 162, after finding Wood Duck with my friends during our north shore run yesterday.  I don’t know if I would have believed, on December 31st, that I would have 162 species by the middle of February.  I am very happy with my results, thus far.


There are only a few weeks, perhaps three or four, before the shore migration begins again.  Not long after that, the neo-tropical migration will begin in earnest and, with luck, my species count will begin to rise again.

Until then, I am enjoying winter birding at the Jersey shore and in the Pine Barrens, two activities that I enjoy the most.

Good Birding,



2 thoughts on “February Birding – Species Count at 162

  1. Sandra Keller

    Congratulations! That’s a good total for mid February – plus it sounds like you have most of the winter stuff you need!

    1. njbigyear Post author

      Thanks! January was an exceptionally good month for me and I’ve been spending some time this month picking up some of the remaining winter birds. I’m pretty happy with the results so far!


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