January – By The Numbers


As the first month of my New Jersey Big Year wrapped up, I took some time to review the total number of bird species I had identified and the effort involved in finding those birds.

So here is January – by the numbers:

Bird Species Identified – 156

Miles driven – over 1200 miles (plus another 250 miles driven by other birding friends)

Counties in which I birded – 10 Counties  (Monmouth, Ocean, Cape May, Burlington, Mercer, Hunterdon, Cumberland, Middlesex, Somerset, and Morris)

Days birded – I actually pretty happy about this, as I managed to bird at least a portion of 23 days out of 31 possible birding days for January.

Checklists submitted to eBird – 53

I birded a range of locations during January – from the Great Swamp to salt marshes along the Delaware  Bay.  From wildlife management areas in the Pine Barrens to the feeder in my back yard.  From muddy farm fields to busy street corners.  And I have found an amazing variety of birds along the way.

My year total now stands at 161 species.  As you may know, I got off to a slow start in February due to a nasty stomach bug.  And I don’t expect to find another 156 species during February, or the remainder of the winter for that matter.  Winter rarities continue to pop up here and there and I’ll continue the chase.  I’ve still got a bit to go – 300 species is a pretty big number for little New Jersey!

Good Birding,



2 thoughts on “January – By The Numbers

  1. Grndma Chris

    Fantastic work. I’m sure you ave heard of the great backyard bird count, it will be this Friday, sat, sun and Monday, you can use your ebird member number to help them teach the birds. If you don’t know about it just google it and them sign up to ebird so you can easily submit your sightings. It will be a cool event and so helpful for them to track what species are where. You are a fantastic birder.

    1. njbigyear Post author

      Hello and Thank You for the comments! Yes, I plan to participate this year in the GBBC, though I don’t know if I’m actually going to count only my backyard. I have a couple other locations I like to visit as well. It’s a fun event and yet another excuse to get outside and go birding. Thanks again and Good Birding!


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