Chasing Birds


I’ve spent a lot of time this month chasing birds.  This is something new for me, in many ways.  Don’t get me wrong.  Like most birders, I have spent time chasing rare birds or those which only show up during a specific time of the year.


This month has been different, though, in ways large and small.  I spend much more time reviewing rare bird alerts.  Otherwise, how would I ever find a Greater White-Fronted Goose hanging out on a golf course in Basking Ridge?


I have pushed myself to spend even more time out birding.  I am fortunate to work near a nice little birding location and spend nearly every lunch break birding along its trails.  It is a great break in the middle of the day.  Spending a few minutes outside to enjoy some winter birding most days helps take the edge off.


However, I am spending a lot less time in some of my favorite birding places.  I am enjoying the opportunity to get out there and bird different places.  But, like the feeling I get when I haven’t seen an old friend in a while, I enjoy going back to those familiar places and hiking favorite trails.


How do you motivate yourself to go out birding?  Do you have favorite locations that you visit over and over?  Or do you try new and different places as often as you can?  Do you enjoy the chase or would you prefer a casual stroll through the woods, stumbling upon birds here and there?

Good Birding!



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