Nearly 4 weeks – 156 species

Northern Harrier

My New Jersey Big Year is almost four weeks old and I am sitting at 156 species.  This has been a remarkable month for birding around the state.  Nearly every birder I have encountered in the field or with which I have exchanged casual conversations talks about the number of rare birds found around the state.


Take this muddy cowpen as an example.  Now, I am sure you’re looking at this photo (yes, I took this photo on purpose) and trying to figure out why anyone would include it in a blog about birding.  Well, take a really close look at the small cluster of THINGS near the center mudpuddle.

Still not impressed?


Well, here is another photo (that I did not take, but found on that amazing website – Wikipedia) of those THINGS in the middle of my photo.  I took a photo of three, yes three, Northern Lapwings.  I don’t have the exact figures, but I believe that there had only been four of these birds reported in New Jersey – ever!  Now, there are three of the them hanging out in a muddy field in New Egypt.

Sandhill Cranes

Ohh…and if three Northern Lapwings weren’t enough for you, how about two Sandhill Cranes in the corn field right next door?

So January has been an amazing month.  And it is not over yet!

I’ve got a few other photos of pretty cool birds that have been hanging around which I will share over the next few days.

Until then,  Good Birding!



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