January 13th – What’s Going On?


I bet you’ve been wondering – “What’s going on with Greg’s New Jersey Big Year?”

A good friend loaned us the use of her condo and my wife and I have been taking in the birding sights and sounds around Cape May for a much-needed long weekend.  Cape May is a great location anytime and, for birders, few places compare for extraordinary winter birding.

With the help of rare bird alert service obtained through New Jersey eBird, we have located some pretty amazing birds like Western Sandpiper, Townsend’s Warbler, and a Crested Caracara!  Yes, some very interesting birds show up in Cape May for the winter.

Though good ole fashion birding and time spent in the field, we found an “Ipswich” Savannah SparrowHorned Grebe, and  “western” Willet.  Birding late into the evening, we got to hear the love-struck calls of Great Horned Owls while American Woodcock zipped by overhead in the fading light.  And we marveled at the sight of Bald Eagle, Red-tailed Hawk, and Northern Goshawk hunting from their perches along the same vast marsh.

Our weekend is wrapping up now.   The weather today calls for heavy, dense fog.  Rats!  A planned ride on the Cape May – Lewes ferry to search for sea birds will have to wait.  Instead, we’re headed to a couple other locations a little farther north to search for some really great birds reported through eBird alerts last night.

I’ll write more later this week about our incredible birding weekend.

Until then – Good Birding!



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