Day 3 – Bird Where You Are

Great Blue Heron

A few months ago I was reading a book on self-awareness and improvement in which the author encouraged the reader to “start where you are”.   This pithy observation seemed a little obvious on first reading.  I wanted to ask the author “where else would I start”?

After a little reflection, though, it occurred to me that the more accurate statement should be “where else could I start!”

In an earlier post, I talked about the challenges I will face during my NJ Big Year and one of the most daunting will be carving enough time out of my already busy life to go birding.  Where could I start to find time to adequately bird my way through our great little state?

And then I thought back to the advice provided by that sage author and, with a little twist of her phrase, resolved to “bird where you are”!

I am fortunate that some good birding areas are within easy driving distance to my office.  Today at lunch I devoted an hour, which would have otherwise spent cleaning out my e-mail box, to birding the Rogers Wildlife Refuge in Princeton Township (Mercer County).  This small, somewhat under-birded, refuge offers a great variety of habitats – marsh, river, and mature forest – within an area that can be easily birded in an hour or so.

Rogers Refuge did not fail to please. During my brief visit I was thrilled by Red-shouldered Hawk, Winter Wren, Brown CreeperGreat Blue Heron, and Swamp Sparrow!  Certainly this was time spent well!

As the weeks and months of 2013 slowly unfold, I will be looking for other opportunities to bird New Jersey “where I am”.   I hope that you will take some time to think about ways that you could increase the time you spend outdoors – birding, hiking, walking – living.

Thank you for visiting my blog.  If you have a Facebook account, you can also follow my birding activities here.  I hope you’ll visit my page and “LIKE” it.

I hope you will also consider making a pledge to the New Jersey Audubon Citizen Science program.  My goal for 2013 is to identify 300 species of birds.   A pledge of 10 cents per species could result in a donation of $30 and provide support to this important program.

Good Birding!



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